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hun-ger [huhng-ger] -noun

  1. a compelling need or desire for food.
  2. a strong or compelling desire or craving.

hun-ger [huhng-ger] -verb (used without object)

  1. to have a strong desire

[Origin: before 900; Old English – hungor]

Synonyms: appetite, lust, itch

Regardless of class, society or background and across cultures that span the globe, food is used to comfort, nourish, celebrate and commemorate special occasions and people’s lives–even during the most difficult times of personal grieving and wakes.  Potluck, promotion, or proposal; Birthday, bar mitzvah, or barn raising; The occasion may change, but food always plays a prominent role.  You may not remember what you were wearing, what the weather was, or, perhaps, the specific date–but I bet you can tell me, in mouth-watering detail, about the best meal you ever ate.  Probably the top few, even…

Let’s dig a little deeper…What about the best steak ever served to you?  Favorite family casserole?  How about your go-to comfort food, or even a killer dish prepared by you?  It doesn’t really matter if I know your specific answers, only that I know food, especially good food, punctuates all of our lives.  It certainly has mine…I also recognize taste in food is uniquely personal and the act of eating food is extremely intimate–it’s something we ingest into our bodies…To be a welcome, memorable part of that experience for friends, family or even strangers is a high honor, indeed.


As a career-changing former magazine editor-turned classically trained chef, dailyhunger.com exists as an apropos, creative outlet to explore and document a strong or compelling desire to better know and share my own passion for food, wine, flavors and the business of restaurants.  Cooking is something I think about and do on a daily basis and, since graduating with distinction from The French Culinary Institute in 2009, now have the ability to claim is my profession–no longer just a passionate, lifelong hobby.  To date, I have cooked for multiple upscale casual and fine dining Italian, French and Modern American restaurants including serving as Sous Chef at Park Avenue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

From classic flavor combinations to new food finds, to interesting ingredients and the recipes they inspire–if it crosses my plate, it will be a candidate for consumption through my food blog here at dailyhunger.com.

And, for those in the greater Charlotte, NC, area looking for a little professional assistance when planning and executing their next private dinner party, catered birthday celebration or cocktail hour, dailyhunger.com can be your one-stop-shop for event success.  Or, perhaps you’re looking for one-on-one instruction in the kitchen or even want to learn the basics of making fresh pasta alongside a small group of your close friends…I can do that, too!  Please click on the Catering/Events tab above for more information.

Hungry for more?  Click and explore…this is your glimpse into my world of food…


Jeff Feighner, Private Chef / Editor - dailyhunger.com


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